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Women in Hollywood

I just love the old Hollywood movies! The Wizard of Oz, Easter Parade, Singing in the Rain, Gone with the Wind. Stars such as Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford exuded a sophistication that was breathtaking and memorable. Hollywood movies made a huge…

Crisis of Confidence

I had been working in the UK factual industry for 15 years and was a producer of a broadcast travel programme. It had always been my dream to direct documentaries. So when I asked my then boss why he didn’t hire females as directors, his answer was, ‘Women make better…

Note to Self

There is a scene in La La Land that sums up my career as a woman in film and TV right now.  Mia has gone back home to Boulder City after one too many rejections and Sebastian has followed her because a real opportunity has come knocking.  One of the…

Finding My Voice

I went to international school in France and I don’t remember being good enough friends with anyone to add them on msn. So when I got to uni in the UK in 2005, I found it hard to communicate with people. I didn’t really follow their cultural references (especially from…

Wanna Be Our Friend?

No woman is an island and at MsMono we believe wonderful things can happen when you have wonderful friends. If you are an organisation, company or collective that have the same commitment to rich, complex and nuanced stories with women at the centre, then we want you to be our…

Heroines of BAFTA

The TV BAFTA’s took place on Sunday evening at London’s Royal Festival hall. The event was attended by some of the stars and creators of the best comedies, documentaries and dramas and as the winners were revealed, it became clear this was a great night for women. As I’m sure you already know, BBC’s Killing Eve was the…

The Multifaceted Women of Flack

If you are a screenwriter (or any creative who wants to work in TV), you should make it a habit to go to as many previews of new TV shows as possible. Consider it part of the job: previews are educational and fun.  There is no better way to impress…

Empowerment For All

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." —Michelle Obama Female empowerment is the movement to empower women to become more involved in the social, political, economical and health sectors. Because of this female empowerment is often associated with the workplace. There are a lot of pressures…
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That Girl, Peugeot

That Girl, Peugeot explores themes of gender identity and grief in a mother/daughter relationship. The short is written by Natalie Ekberg, directed by Rebecca Coley and produced by Karla Williams.

The Beauty of a Story

Standing in the toilet cubicle of the Telegraph offices I was trying desperately hard to catch my breath. I’d had mild panic attacks before, but this one was rather spectacular. Having returned from maternity leave only three weeks previously, I currently found myself working late into the night to turn…