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In Line

By December 12th, 2019 No Comments

In Line is a new short film written by Lauren Douglin.

Three teenage students prepare to take their exams, but the results will affect much more than just their grade. Go-with-the-flow May and overly studious Josh are in the queue at their school ready to take their final year exam. Gabby who has always been one to push boundaries, arrives late and challenges Josh and May on their conforming ways. As they reach the front of the queue and are ushered in by armed guards rather than their usual teachers, it becomes clear that this is not an ordinary GCSE exam. Head of Year Miss Morgan talks to the front of a packed, tense exam room, where armed police stand watch. Who will be British enough to pass – and stay?

In Line is a MsMono production directed by Katie Pesskin and produced by Karla Williams. Karla will also be Executive Producer with Rebecca Coley. The film is scheduled for completion in Summer 2020.