MsMono Merch

By May 7th, 2023 No Comments

MsMono Merch has arrived! Designed by Noodlemie the line features the MsMono T and the MsMono Bag. The MsMono T comes in sizes XS to XL and is made from 100% cotton. The T-shirt can be worn in multiple ways, whether a girl’s night out, a business meeting or just chilling around the house.

The MsMono Bag is made from 100% cotton canvas and a great alternative to plastic bags. The sturdy handles make this lightweight tote easy to carry around for daily errands, shopping trips or days out.

Feel like a member of #TeamMsMono while showing your support for our female focused mission. All profits from the sales will fund our work as we continue to address gender inequality in film, TV, and media. Both items have LIMITED stock only.

The MsMono T and the MsMono Bag is modelled by the beautiful Lauren Douglin-Hendon.