Comedy 50:50

Comedy 50:50 is an initiative to address gender imbalance in comedy. Our aim is to change a culture. This is not about hitting quotas or targets as some form of box ticking exercise, it is about implementing practical measures as a way to achieve equal representation. We are working towards changing the mindset and inherent systems that currently skew the genre away from enabling female writing talent, performers, directors and crew to have equal presence. It is our belief that we will be creating better television, film, theatre and radio if our output in the entertainment industry reflects the diverse range of voices that make up society. Our intention is one of inclusivity and to push forward changes in a manner that is respectful to all talent. We are starting by directing our focus towards writers, but our aim is to extend the initiative to all aspects of comedy performance and production. We won’t achieve 50:50 overnight, but by creating practical measures that result in incremental change, we will see a difference.

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