No woman is an island and we are no exception. Here are some of our friends from across the industry.

Blacktress UK came out of many conversations and sister meet-ups about tokenism and the effects it can have being the only one. The feelings of isolation and lack of visibility and inclusion in often white spaces. This has created a culture of silence amongst Womxn out of fear of never being hired or thinking it was in their heads and a real lack of validation in their own experience. We are here, some queer, varied across generations in every shade and hue, heritage spanning across the whole of the UK and the globe with varied accents, dialects, languages, cultural practises and faiths.

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Project Noir is an an art collective & creative networking group for people of AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN and ASIAN heritage.

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The Thelmas are dedicated to the development and promotion of early career female writers and theatre makers, with the goal that female work should exist on its own merits, and not be seen as somehow ‘niche’.

Devoted to empowering women to redress the equality imbalance in the arts, we encourage the disruption of dominant narratives and theatre that is big, bold and emotionally resonant. We crave authentic outside traditional stereotypes, and socially impactful narratives that reflect society. 

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Screen Nation is a leading UK and West Africa based media brand producing and marketing black-themed film & TV content and events, Producers of Europe’s first & leading black Film, TV & Digital Media Award platforms.

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Danver Communications is a female -led 360 degree communications agency specialising in branding, marketing and events for screen, stage and literature. Proud entertainment consumers dedicated to providing genuine, knowledgeable service. they are also passionate about using arts and entertainment to improve audience participation and giving back to worthy causes.

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Founded by Rhondell Uzomah, RELM Photography specialise in portrait, wedding, fashion and music artist photography. Stemming from a creative background of music, art and media production, Rhondell and the RELM team love capturing artists living their dreams, pouring their souls out on stage in front of an audience and capturing the uniqueness of each bride’s big day.

Founded by writer Nadia Gasper in 2010, Scribble Ink is a story consultancy dedicated to mentoring writers throughout their creative process. Scribble Ink offers workshops in creative writing and creative entrepreneurialism, Skype consultations for bespoke 1:1 coaching and follow-up support, accredited online creative writing courses and fast-track script coverage. Click, browse, follow, subscribe and smile, because you’re about to embark on a journey that’s nothing short of marvellous!

Scribble Ink: The Writers’ Revelation Revolution

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We Hate Pink is a community focused platform built to connect professional women to new opportunities and offer guidance on how to face challenge as a woman in the workplace. Founded by Rossella Forle’ and Valentina Cianci. We engage our community through an online zine and quarterly events.

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ERA 5050’s mission is a simple one. We want to see women represented on screen, in television and theatre in equal numbers to men. Currently women are systemically under represented. This does not accurately represent our society. It distorts our view of the real world. Equal Representation for Actresses, for Audiences, for All. Equal means 50:50.

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MeWe360 (MeWe) is a not for profit incubator that provides bespoke networking, mentoring, consultancy and investment support to entrepreneurs in the arts and creative industries. MeWe has a roster of high calibre industry mentors and consultants as well as a vibrant membership network of creatives across the UK.  MeWe’s mission is to uncover the UK’s hidden leadership talent so that entrepreneurs, from all backgrounds, can develop thriving creative enterprises.

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Worldy Women is a podcast co-hosted by Cecilia Gragnani and Ana Torre about immigrant women and their stories. They interview women from all walks of life on how immigration has affected their lives.

Started because both women are immigrants and understand how the experience can sometimes be a lonely one, they want their listeners to realise that they’re not alone and to encourage non-immigrants to consider a different perspective.

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52 Collective are a group of female theatre and media makers, formed to tell stories of modern women’s experience. Their debut play ‘Flux’, written by Naomi Soneye-Thomas and directed by Imy Wyatt-Corner, follows the paths of two women beneath an increasingly gentrified East London skyline. It debuted at Waltham Forest’s From the Forest Festival, and went on to receive warm audience responses at Plymouth Theatre Festival.

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Writer/director Dionne Edwards and producer Georgia Goggin have been collaborating as Teng Teng Films since 2012. Their most recent short, We Love Moses, premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and has gone on to screen at over fifty festivals worldwide, including ABFF and TIFF, picking up nine awards. It has been licensed for television by Cine+, Canal+ and HBO. Georgia and Dionne were both named in Film London’s inaugural list of Lodestars. Dionne and Georgia are now developing their debut feature film Pretty Red Dress with the BFI and Sundance Institute.

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11Polaroids  is a creative platform produced by arts & film curator Georgia Korossi to showcase instants from the world of cinema, sound, art and photography. This platform has a small team of contributors and we are travelling around the world to find the best of creative minds, new and emerging filmmakers and artists whose work, ideas and projects are exceptional and outstanding. We write about these journeys, we are researching about women- led practices and we generate interest about some of the most talked-about and acclaimed documentaries, films and art of recent times through our reporting. 

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