No woman is an island and we are no exception. Here are some of our friends from across the industry.

Blacktress UK came out of many conversations and sister meet-ups about tokenism and the effects it can have being the only one. The feelings of isolation and lack of visibility and inclusion in often white spaces. This has created a culture of silence amongst Womxn out of fear of never being hired or thinking it was in their heads and a real lack of validation in their own experience. We are here, some queer, varied across generations in every shade and hue, heritage spanning across the whole of the UK and the globe with varied accents, dialects, languages, cultural practises and faiths.

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Project Noir is an an art collective & creative networking group for people of AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN and ASIAN heritage.

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The Thelmas are dedicated to the development and promotion of early career female writers and theatre makers, with the goal that female work should exist on its own merits, and not be seen as somehow ‘niche’.

Devoted to empowering women to redress the equality imbalance in the arts, we encourage the disruption of dominant narratives and theatre that is big, bold and emotionally resonant. We crave authentic outside traditional stereotypes, and socially impactful narratives that reflect society. 

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Screen Nation is a leading UK and West Africa based media brand producing and marketing black-themed film & TV content and events, Producers of Europe’s first & leading black Film, TV & Digital Media Award platforms.

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Danver Communications are a female led publicity management agency representing creatives and projects across film, stage, tv and literature. Committed to improving participation and giving back, they also help arts charities maximise their marketing budget, use entertainment based themes to fundraise for good causes and dream up new and exciting ways to include all audiences.

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