That Girl, Peugeot is short film written by Natalie Ekberg and directed by Rebecca Coley.

When Peugeot’s father died their world collapsed, because he was the only person who understood who they truly were. Their mother’s Sandra’s world collapsed too and while she contemplates suicide, the thought of leaving Peugeot alone stops her. But the grief changes her, and she focuses on imposing her traditional values on Peugeot, who could not be more different from her. Sensing they can never live up to their mother’s expectations, Peugeot keeps their biggest secret to herself. What do you do when all your mother stands for alienates you? When all she ever wanted was a perfect, ‘girly’ girl and all you have ever wanted was to be a boy?

The film was completed in March 2020 and was made with a cast and crew which was 70% female. We will be working with Festival Formula for the festival circuit.