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Rough with the Smooth

2019 has been quite some year. There have been many great achievements and accomplishments. But, accompanying the proverbial rough of the smooth, there have been disappointments and challenges too. Let’s start with the smooth. This was the year that we officially launched MsMono and I have been wonderfully surprised by…

NEWS: First Look at That Girl, Peugeot

We are so excited to share the first looks of our short film That, Girl Peugeot. Written by Natalie Ekberg and directed by Rebecca Coley, the film tells the story of Peugeot (played by Kaitlyn Akinpelumi) who's world collapses when her father dies. The grief of her father’s death affects…
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In Line

In Line is a new short film written by Lauren Douglin. Three teenage students prepare to take their exams, but the results will affect much more than just their grade. Go-with-the-flow May and overly studious Josh are in the queue at their school ready to take their final year exam. Gabby…

An Unexpected Lesson

I cared for my father for the last 3 years of his life. After which, I decided that by the time I was 50 I should be an established filmmaker or, at the very least, see the light at the end of the tunnel. That gave me 4 years. 4…