Why Trinity

Untitled and ambiguous, the Matrix 4 is coming, and after twenty-two years it can’t come soon enough. More importantly it will herald the return of one of the most understated and important heroines of this genre, Carrie Anne Moss’, Trinity, who after all this time still holds her celestial reign.

The name itself is based on deep rooted Biblical meaning pertaining to these all Godly elements, Trinity herself embodies three powerful qualities.

In the same way her namesake has historical and everlasting meaning, Trinity of The Matrix is also timeless. Her underrated and yet fluid attitude rarely goes out of fashion and with the resurgence on 90s fashion and culture being adopted by Gen Z there are versions of this character out on the streets today. Back when this film originally came out we would have called Trinity androgynous, but is androgynous a thing anymore, now would we not just say gender fluid. Trinity seems to show no conformity to sex nor mainstream trend, but yet, is amazingly sexy and always in fashion.

Perhaps it would be prudent to note The Matrix films were the creation of the Wachowski Sisters, two talented trans women who at the time of the film’s release had not yet come out as trans publicly. Whether or not it was known by either of them at the time, but not only with the character Trinity but with these cinematic pieces of work they made massive strides putting diverse characters on the screen.

Second in the Trinity instalment is her quietly gifted approach. The person who has true belief in their ability is comfortable enough to remain silent and still until the very exact moment calls on them to act, or in fact when others are in need of their help; an overseeing presence that is always there when you need it and forever reliable. If a version of Agent Smith came in hot pursuit you’d want to be sure you were on Trinity’s side of the fence.

Lastly, her strength; the road may be long but she has the stamina, so much so that when we meet her in the next instalment she’ll no doubt still be charging ahead. 

So little is known about what will be in this fourth Matrix film when it is released this December, despite the creative intentions being shrouded in secrecy, one may be able to draw some comfort on the fact that so much has happened in the world since the original films, and with Lana Wachowski back at the helm as director and co-writer she will no doubt have threaded in some subtext alluding to the changes that we’ve seen.

One thing for sure is we will have the cool and understated Trinity, who, in her muted tones is probably one of the most brightly shining heroines of science fiction. Let’s hope she hasn’t changed one bit when we see her again.

By Alicia Jones

Alicia previously studied film and now works freelance in TV drama production. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.