MsMono Meets Mindset & Confidence Coaches, Natasha Rose Mills and Sarah Bryer.

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Join us for the next MsMono Meets of the new series, as we meet mindset & confidence coaches Natasha Rose Mills and Sarah Bryer, hosted by actress, Imogen Church.

The event will be taking place on FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2023 at 13.00 (BST) via google meets. Please send any questions for Emma or Abigail to: team@msmono.com

Natasha Rose Mills – Mindset Coach

Natasha Rose Mills is an actor mindfulness teacher and Transformational coach who founded Amplify Creative Coaching, a sanctuary of transformation, just a year ago. Through her guidance, high achievers and performers unlock their true potential, achieve their goals and trust within themselves. As an actor she understands the trials and tribulations of pursuing one’s dreams, the  challenges that can often lead to self-doubt and fear.

In acting she played Jess in “Winnie The Pooh” feature film, which hit #3 at the US box office, and her compelling chapter in the best-selling book, “Creating Joy.”, where she shares her inspiring story of overcoming depression after discovering mindfulness and self-compassion.

Her transformative work has resonated across the media landscape, with features on Fox News, NBC, Yahoo, and Digital Journal.  Amplify Creative allows affordable memberships empower actors to rewrite their narratives, and her mindfulness coaching guides individuals to rebuild their self-discovery.

Sarah Bryer – Confidence Coach

Sarah Bryer is a charismatic and empowering coach known for her work with introverts and women seeking to achieve their goals. As the founder of Show/Girl Coaching, she has dedicated herself to helping individuals unlock their true potential and embrace their authentic selves.

Sarah has worked with introverts extensively for the last 4 years and she understands the challenges that introverts face in a world that often values extroverted qualities. Through her own experiences and growth, she recognised the need to support others in their personal and professional journeys.

Through Show/Girl Coaching, Sarah offers a range of services to help individuals bridge the gap between the performance and the real you. Her coaching approach focuses on increasing confidence, clarifying and achieving your goals, and achieving a positive mindset.

Imogen Church – Actor

Imogen is an award-winning actor and scriptwriter, ex-Burlesque dancer, adoptive parent and lover of satire. Her debut novel Death and the Burlesque Maiden was published by Audible Originals in 2021 and her one-woman-full-cast-horror-comedy-audio-drama Boop! has just been released on XigXag. She narrates audiobooks like an absolute boss, and she acts the pants off audio dramas in an array of roles, ranging from meglomaniac evil lizard queen to psychopathic steampunk engineer. She scriptwrites satire and horror comedy.


MsMono is an award-winning scripted production company founded by Karla Williams. They tell stories written and directed by women and to date we have produced the award-winning short film Pretty Bitch; the multi-award-winning narrative music video YOU; the short film That Girl, Peugeot, and the short film The Ride, funded by BFI Network, Canada Council of the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

They have two audio series in development, Fast Food a co-produced with Hat Trick Podcast and Good Sex, which is co-produced with Listen Audio and the pilot has been commissioned by Audible.

MsMono Meets is a series of online Q&As with established women working in film and TV. The goal is to allow our followers to engage with these women and gain knowledge and expertise to help develop their careers.

Pay What You Can Tickets

To allow as many people to attend as possible, tickets to the event are Pay What You Can.