The Power of Women

Every woman can look into her purse and find at least one key that gives her access to something. If asked which key was the most important, most women would say the key to their home as it represents ownership or shelter, offering a place of safety after a long day of being fabulous. Some may say their car keys as they symbolise freedom to move around. Every key has a different value according to its owner and what it allows access to. Have you ever stopped to think about what built in keys you carry as a woman? The ones you may not attach a value to, the invisible keys?

Every year on March 8th women around the world are celebrated. Scrolling through social media can show you the beautiful outpouring of love and appreciation for women. For one day in the year women of all races, social backgrounds and different achievements across the world are celebrated for simply being a woman.

You can see posts about fixing each other’s crowns and pictures referring to the phenomenal woman. For 24hr hours women are made to feel great by the world. For one day of the year we are connected by womanhood. These are the keys I refer to. The keys of love, encouragement, inspiration and celebration of each other. These are not always visible and very little value is placed on these keys.

Everyone woman that walks this earth came here via a woman. This is a sign of the importance women hold in the greater plan. Not every woman will bring another human into this world but every woman holds the ability to unlock greatness in another woman.

We shouldn’t wait for International Women’s Day to celebrate each other. The keys of self-love, inspiration and encouragement are the most valuable keys we carry daily as women and these keys shouldn’t be used exclusively amongst our friendship circle. That’s too easy.  Challenge yourself  and encourage another woman today. Tell that stranger you meet you like her shoes, you love the confidence she carries. I dare you to do this for the next week and watch how you unlock something in someone.

The beauty of using these keys? They open, but they also close. Let’s shut down the stereotypes that women cannot get along with each other or women are competitive. Whilst you unlock another, you also unlock you and abundance will flow to you by simply using your keys.

Next time you walk into a crowd of women you don’t know find the thing that connects rather than disconnects you.

By Simone Williams

Simone Williams Anglin is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who’s area of expertise is Palliative care. She believes working with people who have life limiting illnesses gives her a different perspective on life. You can follow her on Instagram