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That Girl, Peugeot

By July 15th, 2019 No Comments

That Girl, Peugeot is a short film written by Natalie Ekberg.

When Peugeot’s father died, her world collapsed. Her mother’s Sandra’s world collapsed even more – their marriage being one of those rare marriages that truly worked. Sandra contemplates suicide but the thought of leaving Peugeot alone, stops her. But the grief changes Sandra. Craving attention and believing that her best days are gone, she focuses on imposing her own values on Peugeot, who could not have been more different from her. Sensing that she can never live up to Sandra’s expectations, Peugeot decides to keep her biggest secret to herself. What do you do when all your mother stands for alienates you? When all she has ever wanted was a perfect, ‘girly’ girl and all you have ever wanted was to be a boy?

That Girl, Peugeot will be directed by Rebecca Coley and executive produced by Karla Williams and Natalie Ekberg. The film is suported by MeWe360 (MeWe), a not for profit incubator that supports entrepreneurs in the arts and creative industries. The short goes into production in May 2019 and is schedule for completion in September 2019.