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Our Work

In Line

In Line is a new short film written by Lauren Douglin. Three teenage students prepare to take their exams, but the results will affect much more than just their grade. Go-with-the-flow May and overly studious Josh are in the queue at their school ready to take their final year exam. Gabby…
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That Girl, Peugeot

That Girl, Peugeot is a short film written by Natalie Ekberg. When Peugeot’s father died, her world collapsed. Her mother’s Sandra’s world collapsed even more - their marriage being one of those rare marriages that truly worked. Sandra contemplates suicide but the thought of leaving Peugeot alone, stops her. But…
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Our music video for independent artist Sharlene-Monique has a wonderful message of empowerment and finding your voice. It was released on the 30th June 2017. Cast: Jessica Hagan, Aquila Grant, Ophelia Gayle, Kace Monney, Tamara Camacho, Nick Feld, Sophia Cartman and Victor Oladuja. Director: Rebecca Coley Script/Story: Karla Williams Producer: Karla Williams Director of…
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Pretty Bitch

Pretty Bitch is a short film inspired by a true story. When one girl is replaced by another, her quest for revenge is driven to the extreme and when being pretty is all you have, it's all you can destroy. Shot in 2012 Pretty Bitch won the Best Screenplay prize at the Van…