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The Ride

By February 23rd, 2021 No Comments

The Ride is a new short film written and directed by Tara Aghdashloo.

Panchi, a young woman on the cusp of a career breakthrough is travelling back to London for an important job interview. Her charming boyfriend Alex is driving when the car breaks down and the couple are forced to accept a lift from a lorry driver, Harry.  At first glance the three travellers have nothing in common. Harry seems to believe in everything the couple are opposed to, and they have no choice but to listen, while he meanders through reasons to not vote and objectionable views on women. As the journey progresses, Panchi begins to see them both differently. Her reliably charismatic boyfriend reveals a darker side, and she finds an unlikely ally in Harry. With flashbacks to the wild weekend the couple just had with friends, a more complicated story of betrayals, insecurities, and a young woman’s fight for independence, emerges. 

The Ride will be executive produced by Karla Williams and Sahar Yousefi and produced by Elettra Pizzi. Downton Abbey Actress and published author Catherine Steadman will serve as Story Editor. The film is in pre-production and will shoot in April 2021.