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The Ride

By March 27th, 2023 No Comments

The Ride is written and directed by Tara Aghdashloo

Panchi, a young woman on the cusp of a career breakthrough, is travelling back home after a weekend away with her charming boyfriend, Alex. Desperate to return ahead of an important job interview, her car breaks down and the couple accept a lift from a cheery lorry driver, Harry. Alex and Harry instantly form a bond, while tensions between the couple begin to surface. As the journey progresses, dynamics change, and Panchi finds an unlikely ally in Harry. The wild weekend the couple spent at Alex’s friend’s estate, juxtaposes a more complicated story of loneliness, defiance, and a young woman’s fight for independence.

The film is presented by BFI Network, Canada Council for the Arts and supported by Toronto Arts Council. The Ride is executive produced by Karla Williams, Sahar Yousefi and Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor and produced by Elettra Pizzi and Tara Aghdashloo. The film is currently on the festival circuit represented by Tiny Distribution.